Shani & Gary Madl
Being Certified as Groomers here in Germany as well as the USA, we are your competent go-to partners when it comes to complete dog hygiene, cleaning and care. Additional and Continued Education in Dog Training, Dog Psychology and Behavior Training gives us the knowledge to handle even the most sensitive animals.

When we moved back from Hawaii to Garmisch-Patenkirchen in 2018, we set out to build a high level Grooming facility in the area of Bavaria Oberland. With that we started Paw Spa in Grainau where we can follow our dream of working with dogs.

Here at Paw Spa we don’t consider your dog as just a pet, but we focus on treating him or her as our furry friend and family member. We offer your companion a relaxed and stress free atmosphere in an exclusive Spa ambiance. Exclusivity also means that only one dog at a time is being cared for at our facility, therefore ensuring your dog is comfortable and receives VIP, or rather VID, treatment.
  • Detailed Advice
  • Knowledgeable Fur Care
  • Paw Spa V.I.D. Shuttle

  • Bathing and Blow Drying
  • Cutting and Shearing
  • Trimming by Hand
  • Thinning of Undercoat
  • Carding and Brushing

  • Ear and Eye Care
  • Claw and Paw Care
  • Oral Hygiene
  • We take feeling well literally
    A stylish ambience, the latest work techniques with high-quality equipment and care products on a purely natural basis are the hallmarks of Paw Spa.

    Regular grooming is good for your dog’s skin health. Dead hair or too thick undercoat prevent the skin from breathing and can lead to eczema and inflammation. Professional and regular ear, claw and paw care also helps ensure that your dog will feel comfortable in every season.

    In order to enable your pet to relax as much as possible during his or her grooming care treatment, we prefer to work with your dog alone. Our experience shows that animals are often more restless when their owners are in sight. In this way, we can respond to your companion with the utmost attentiveness and loving care and therefore build a relationship of trust while offering him or her a pleasant spa experience.

    If your dog is already familiar with grooming treatments, you are of course welcome to stay nearby during the treatment.
    V.I.D. Shuttle Service
    We also offer Door-to-Door Shuttle Service for a reasonable fee based on Pick-Up and Drop Off location. Upon completion, we will return your pet safely back home to you fresh and stylish.
    Care Products
    When it comes to products, it is important to us that they are free of chemicals and that we can access the largest possible range of products and select the appropriate ones for your dog.

    We carry a vast line of individualized care products specialized for your pets fur needs. Whether she/he has a smooth coat, double coat, wiry coat, long coat, curly coat and has varying shades of black, white, brown, red and is a puppy, adult or senior dog, we have them covered. This enables us to put together an individualized care series products to achieve the highest and most luxurious result for your loved pet.

    That is why we use and sell the care products from Bio Groom. Bio Groom was founded in 1971 in Longview, Texas and is known worldwide for high-quality, natural-based animal care products. Their products line up includes a wide selection of Shampoos and Conditioners, a Flea and Tick Prevention series as well as Wellness products and Finishers. All products are long-term tested for effectiveness and safety.

    If you prefer a different or an already established line of products for your dog, please provide them for us and we will be happy to treat your dog with his/her own products
    Our customers reach from Munich to Bad Tölz and Murnau to Lermoos
    Max from Weilheim
    “I can finally walk on snow again without ice between
    my toes.”
    Lucy from Farchant
    “With my new hairstyle I feel really stylish in the park, thanks Paw Spa.”
    Bonny from Mittenwald
    “After my special treatment my owner is cuddling a lot more with me!”
    Yuna from Ehrwald
    “My hair was trimmed around my eyes, so this is what my owner looks like.”

    Waxensteinstraße 25
    82491 Grainau

    08821 - 708 675 8

    Mon. to Thu. : 9.00 am - 4.00 pm
    Friday to Sunday closed

    By appointment only